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ljmarent/Promenade C1 Clone 2R

25 Nov 2020 » Commodore, Vic20, C64, Tools, EPROM

Here we have a postmodern clone of the Promenade C1.

The Promenade C1 was a popular EPROM programming solution for the Commodore line of personal computers that was produced and sold by the Jason-Ranheim Co. out of San Jose, California. These have become rather expensive to obtain as of late and a fellow by by the name of ljmarent has taken it upon himself to produce and release a clone that anyone can build. It is our understanding that the design, software and documentation are considered to be public domain at this point.

I’ve found this programmer to be a useful and fun to use tool in my retro computing endeavors, though I admit using more modern tools would likely be more convienient.

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I believe PromosV2.zip is the latest version for C64/128. I’m using the ‘promenade.d64’ which … may or may not be the same thing.

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The diodes tend to run hot, so Les had suggested that it’s probably a good idea to leave a little bit of air gap between them and the pcb.

(Planning to put some more stuff here, just out of time today.)

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