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My name is Stuart. I'm a middle-aged Canadian sysadmin living and working in the Toronto area since 1998. I've been tinkering with computers, telephones and electronics since I was around 10 years old. I've run Bullitin Board Systems, I've worked on large development projects, and more recently have been focusing on systems administration and desktop support.

For a first post, I don't have a whole lot to say. I love my wife, and my dog. I love to open boxes. I love to tinker, disect and build things. I break almost everything I touch.

I started this blog to learn about the different blogging platforms so I could recommend the best way to go about it... I'm not sure how long I will do this, but I will post about some of my experiences as a technology consumer, my projects (successful or not) and I will probably throw in the odd picture of a cat.

Follow me through the thick of it, or don't. Here is a picture of me and Fergus. Fergus and Stuart