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Mac SSD? Yosemite?

I returned the 840EVO to BestBuy and ordered an 850PRO instead. The general consensus on the web seems to be that the 850 PRO isn’t affected by the TLC NAND issues the 840EVO’s are experienceing since it uses MLC V-NAND. I’ve added the drive to my Mac Mini 2012 using the OWC DataDoubler kit.

OWC provided pretty decent instructions with the kit. The only issue I had during the physical install process was the system board extraction tool had to be bent outward to fit into the holes. If you have to do this, make sure that the prongs remain straight and not angled outwards at all. Use some pliers.

I thought about sticking with Mavericks, but maybe now is a good time to upgrade to Yosemite since I want to be booting off the SSD drive now. If I do upgrade OS X , I intend to disable k-ext signing to enable TRIM using Trim Enabler

Adding the SSD disk to the mac took me about an hour. If you’ve never worked on any notebooks or such, allow for two hours. Take your time and be very careful.

Here are the instructions for creating a USB bootable installer from a memory stick or external hard disk. I’ve made one for Mavericks and another one for Yosemite.

Gonna sleep on it.