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Mac Mini SSD Upgrade

I’ve been using PC’s with SSD drives in them for the past few years, and it’s amazing just how slow a traditional hard disk feels to me now. I bought a mac mini recently that shipped with the 1tb 5400rpm spinner… and it’s quite simply excruciating. An upgrade is in order.

Bestbuy had what seemed to be a great deal on a Samsung 840 EVO SSD drive. They had 2 units left in stock, so I ordered it very quickly without doing any research. Seconds after hitting submit, I had a sinking feeling that I should probably check out some reviews. These drives use a newer triple-level cell technology that increases storage density while making the products more affordable. Turns out this particular model seems to be having performance issues related to this technology. I guess that explains clearance pricing. Seems I can’t cancel my order either. Samsung released a fix involving running some windows software, but that isn’t going to work for me. Sounds like it’s not working for anyone else either as they are working on another fix. When it shows up I’ll return it in person to the store and get something else I guess.

In case you’re wondering, I sold the glass desk for exactly $50.