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The Jerker

I was kind of trying not to buy another desk. I have probably gone through more desks than shoes in my lifetime, but the desk I've been using for the past three years or so just wasn't working for me.

Here is the old desk in all it's ... hoard-esque.


I really liked using the smooth glass surface as my never ending mousepad, with my Logitech Darkfield 'anywhere mx' and 'professional' mice... while they worked.

The legs or supports that I had chosen (now discontinued) for the glasholm allow the table to wobble back and forth quite a bit, and they hurt when you slam your leg or toes into them. Glass tends to be very cold in the winter months as well. All of this leads to discomfort. I had the cables very neat and tidy underneath, but I could never really keep the horizontal dumping ground clear enough. I often found myself working on one small corner of the desk. Hardly ideal.

Thinking back of all the desks that have come and gone over the years, the one I recall most fondly has to be the original Jerker from IKEA. All revisions of this desk are fairly popular with IKEA Hackers, so when they do show up on Kijiji they tend to disappear quickly. Never the less, I did find a birch and silver one for only $50.

The one I used to have had darker metal parts and darker wood, but for $50 who cares. The desk was assembled and I would have to take it apart. I found some old bolts I had left over to get the correct hex bit for my drill thinking that would help get the desk apart in record time.

This led to an interesting (to me at least) discovery... When I did get there, the hex bit ended up being the wrong size. This means the Jerker I was buying was actually a second release or revised Jerker.. and what I (and many others) believe to be the second generation Jerker is actually the third generation. There is a fourth generation of Jerker desks that mostly snap together. I had one of these too when I needed something smaller. I had it about 3 months before I dumped it on Craigslist.

This desk has the tell-tale gouges in the silver paint from attempting to install the heavy desk with the next to impossible to get-in-the-hole flat ended bolt design. They fixed this problem by adding a tapered point to the bolts for the third generation, but I have always preferred the original desk shape with the two pull out tables on either side. Otherwise the desk was in great condition, and very clean.

I'm not done yet, but here is my new desk!


I've put the Glasholm up on Kijiji... Maybe I can get my $50 back.